Individual - GOLFTABLE

Exklusives & individualisiertes Golf Accessoire
Couch- und Beistelltisch in neuem Design mit Armen aus Carbon und Ihren personalisierten Golfbällen
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Individualisation / Personalisation
It would be our pleasure to configure according to your requirements:.
  • with golf balls of your Golf Club / Golf Hotel
  • with your combination of various golf balls
  • for V.I.P.s of your Golf Club

The logo / the caption is placed on and aligned:
  • to the outside in axial direction to the (extended) table arm
  • with a horizontal caption or logo in the original direction
  • with a non-turnable fixture of the golf balls

The coffee table is optional available with a additional area:.
  • for use as a protected smartphone storage
  • for placing logo or emblem
  • customizable with golf balls of your choice

Glass plates for the G O L F T A B L E can be ordered at any time.

Please read the FAQ for further detailed information on individualisation


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